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The first design holds 10cm x 10cm (9.5cm x 9.5cm exposed to beam) sheets of Gd with varying thickness. This holder will be used to find the optimal thickness of Gd to be used as thermal neutron capture agent. Thicknesses for the experiment will vary from 0.1mm to approximately 1mm as there is a relatively large amount of Gd foil on hand (0.1mm thickness x5 and a larger sheet of 0.13mm thickness).

The second design holds a 10cm x 10cm pocket of Gadolinium Oxide powder. The powder will be used as an alternative to the Gd foils as it is more economical to purchase in large quantities and will help inform the design of the In-Situ PAS experiment slated to run FY23. The design is made to help compact the Gd2O3 powder and also accommodate for varying thicknesses, using a minimal amount of plastic between the powder and neutron source.


  • Note that the second part of the powder holder is used for 1mm thickness of Gd2O3.
    • More covers will be printed to sit flush to the upper surface of the main holder, but have different gaps between the inner surfaces to accommodate for different powder thicknesses in 1mm steps.

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