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CAEN VX1190A multihit TDC, 96 channels

User Manual

File:VX1190A UserManualRev13.pdf


VX1190A AddressingDiag.pngCAEN VX1190A TDCaddress.jpg

From the picture and the above diagram it looks like the module is at the following settings

<bits 19-16>=0x01

<bits 23-20>=0x02

<bits 27-24>=0x08

<bits 31-29>=0x00

ROL initializing

#  Address for TDC CAEN 1190
const NC1190 = 1
const C1190_ADDR = 0x210000
const C1190_OFFSET = 0x10000
# Maximum number of 32bit words from C1190
const C1190_MAX_DATA = 128
const C1190_BLOCK_READ = 1
# Note that C1190_ADDR must be A32 for 2eSST, A24 okay for BLT/MBLT

   tdc1190EventFifo(i,0); /* Must be enabled(disabled) for Linked List (direct) DMA */

output from ROC_CODA when after download

Initialized TDC ID  0 at address 0xa6b79000 
tdc1190SetEdgeResolution(0): Set Edge Resolution to 100 ps


invalid event pointer

tdc1190ReadBlock: ERROR in DMA transfer Initialization 0xffffffff
jlabgefDmaSend: ERROR:  the_event pointer is invalid!


#  General User readout list
#    David Abbott, TJNAF 2000

readout list GEN_USER
maximum 1024,512
general readout

# A16 Address for SIS3610 Module
const TRIG_ADDR=0x3800

#  Address for TDC CAEN 1190
const NC1190 = 1
const C1190_ADDR = 0x210000
const C1190_OFFSET = 0x10000
# Maximum number of 32bit words from C1190
const C1190_MAX_DATA = 128
const C1190_BLOCK_READ = 1
# Note that C1190_ADDR must be A32 for 2eSST, A24 okay for BLT/MBLT

extern int bigendian_out;

begin download

variable res, i


# When sending to a Linux Host set bigendian_out = 0
bigendian_out = 1;

  log inform "Initializing TDC 1190"

# SETUP caen1190
  tdc1190EventFifo(0,0); /* Must be enabled(disabled) for Linked List (direct) DMA */
  tdc1190BusError(0,C1190_BLOCK_READ); /* 1: BERR/2eTERM for block reads (DMA), 0 for SCT */
 /*     tdc1190SetWindowWidth(0,51176); */
 /*     tdc1190SetWindowOffset(0,-800001); */


  log inform "User Download Executed"

end download

begin prestart

  variable jj, adc_id

  log inform "Entering User Prestart"

  init trig source GEN
  link async trig source GEN 1 to usrtrig and usrtrig_done
  event type 1 then read GEN 1


  log inform "User Prestart Executed"

end prestart

begin end


  log inform "User End Executed"

end end

begin pause


  log inform "User Pause Executed"

end pause
begin go

  log inform "Entering User Go"


end go

begin trigger usrtrig

variable ii, event_ty, event_no, datascan, imod, nwrds
variable evStored

  rol->dabufp = (long *) 0;
  open event type EVTYPE of BT_UI4

   /* Check for valid data here */
      datascan = tdc1190Dready(0);
      if (datascan>0)


      // Get the TDC data from all modules... rflag=1 block read, 0 for SCT
          nwrds = tdc1190ReadBlock(imod,rol->dabufp,C1190_MAX_DATA,C1190_BLOCK_READ);
          if(nwrds < 0)
              logMsg("ERROR: in transfer (event = %d), status = 0x%x\n",
              *rol->dabufp++ = 0xda000bad;
              rol->dabufp += nwrds;
      evStored = tdc1190GetEventStored(0);
      logMsg("ERROR: Data not ready in event %d  evStored = %d\n",event_no,evStored);
      *rol->dabufp++ = 0xda000bad;


 close event

end trigger

begin done usrtrig

end done

begin done
# Re-enable Trigger Source here

end done

begin status

end status

ROC EB crash when component released

When the r1dc components are released from the CODA GUI in order to reload the r1dc readoutlist , the SIS3610 will have its VU light go green, CODA_ROC and CODA_EB will crash.

The error message printed to the screen by CODA_EB is

thread exit for rocdaq1
get_cb_data returned end of file
ROC mask 8 force_end 2
Segmentation fault

Data Record

General Header:

bits 0->4 = GEO =0x01000
bits 5->26 = Event counter
bits 27->31 = global header = 01000

0x400083a8 = 1000000000000001000001110101000

event number = 0x0000000000010000011101 = 0x41d

0x400083c8 = 1000000000000001000001111001000

event number = 0000000000010000011110 = 0x41E


event number = 0000000000010000011111 = 0x41F

TDC header

bits 0->11 = Bunch ID
bits 12->23 = event id
bits 24->25 = TDC
bit 26 nothing
bits 27->31 = 0x00001

0x841d563 = 0001000010000011101010101100011

TDC = 00 event id=010000011101=41D

0x841efe2 = 0001000010000011110111111100010

00 010000011110=41E


0001 0 TDC=00 event id=010000011111=41F bunch id=001110011111

TDC measurement

bits 0->18 = measurement
bits 19->25= channel
bit 26: leadng or trailing
bits 27->31 = 00000

TDC trailer

bits 0->11 = word count
bits 12->23 = event ID
bits 24->25 - TDC
bits 26 nothing
bits 27->31 = 0x00011

0x1841d002 =00011000010000011101000000000010

TDC error

bits:0->14 Error flag

bits 15->23 = blank
bits 24->25 = TDC #
bit 26 blank
bits 27->31=0x00100


Absolute and relative time

The TDC has 2 methods for recording the hits in Trigger Matching On mode.

You can either record the absolute time by subtracting off the trigger time.

You can write the absolute time with respect to start of the window using the library function call

 tdc1190EnableTriggerTimeSubtraction(0); /*TDC records absolute time*/

The recorded time is with respect to the start of the window. The "Trigger" happens at the end of the window. So the higher the TDC value the closer the pulse is to the trigger.