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File:CAEN V488 TDC Manual.pdf

The 12 bit ADC conversion time is 5.7 [math]\mu[/math]s. A sliding scale technique is used to reduce differential nonlinearity by injecting an offset. This reduces the dynamic range to 0 [math]\Rightarrow[/math] 3840. ADC values between 3841 and 4095 indicate an error.

The TDC measures the time interval between the falling ECL inputs to the start/stop and the channel.

You can change the dynamic range of the TDC by setting bits using the library function c775setFSR.

CAEN V488 TDCAddressB.jpgCAEN V488 TDCAddressA.jpg CAEN V488 TDCAddressMap.jpg

Pin Setting
SW 1 2
SW 2 2
SW 3 0
SW 4 0

ROC library

Compiling library

initialize TDC

-> c775Init(0x610000)
Initialized TDC ID 0 at address 0x90610000 

Common Start/Stop