CAEN V260 Scalr

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Setting address

260N has NIM inputs

The address pins on this module are not labeled so I adopted the convention of numbering them from left to right as I look from the front pannel.

CAEN V260 ScalrAddress.jpg

Pin Setting
SW 1 D
SW 2 A
SW 3 0
SW 4 0

Initializing from ROC console

The V260 library has an initialization function called v260Init to use for getting a pointer to its VME memory location. The scaler uses A24 bit addressing so you need to add 2 zeros at the end.

-> v260Init 0xda0000
Initialized SCALER ID 0 at address 0x90da0000 
value = 0 = 0x0

Status function

-> v260Status(0,1)                                                              
STATUS for SCALER id 0 at base address 0x90da0000                               
 Version = 0x10dc    Module Type = 0x080d                                      
 Scalers ENABLED                                                               
  Scaler Data :                                                                
 SCAL01:          0  SCAL02:          0  SCAL03:          0  SCAL04:          0 
 SCAL05:          0  SCAL06:          0  SCAL07:          0  SCAL08:          0 
 SCAL09:          0  SCAL10:          0  SCAL11:          0  SCAL12:          0 
 SCAL13:          0  SCAL14:          0  SCAL15:          0  SCAL16:         28 
value = 0 = 0x0                                                                 

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