Beamline Drawing 2011 J.Ellis

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Below is the Beamline sketch

HRRL03242011 dwg.png

File:HRRL BeamLine 03302011.pdf

Label Beam Line Element Z location from Gate Valve center of element Dimensions of Element
T1 Torroid 1 -0.05 m
G1 Fast Gate Valve 0.000 m
STXY1 X-Y steerers 1 want to locate before Q1!
Q1 First Quad 0.195 m (was moved from 0.175 to 0.195)
Q2 Second Quad 0.435 m (was moved from 0.425 to 0.435) (24 cm to Q1)
Q3 Third Quad 0.675 m (24 cm to Q2)
STXY2 X-Y steerers 2
Targ1 positron production target 1.175 m
Q4 Fourth Quad 1.635 m (was 1.4 now 1.635)
Q5 Fifth Quad 1.659 m was 1.650 drawing has 1.899 we want it at 1.659 (want distance to Q4 to be 24 cm)
Q6 Sixth Quad 1.683 was at 1.8 drawing has it at 2.163 we want it at 1.683 (want distance to Q5 to be 24 cm)
STXY3 X-Y steerers 3
F1 OTR Flag
FC1 Faraday Cup 1
D1 First Kiwi Dipole 2.702 m was 2.525 now it is 2.702
S1 Energy Slits 3.076 m was 2.851 now at 3.076
STXY4 X-Y steerers 4
Q7 Seventh Quad 3.317 m was at 3.026 now at 3.317
F2 Yag SCREEN m attach directly to Dipole D2 and put bellows upstream, drawing has it backwards
D2 Second Kiwi Dipole 4.019 m was at 3.617 now at 4.019
Q8 Eigth Quad 4.616 m
STXY5 X-Y steerers 5
Q9 Quad 5.026 m
Q10 Quad 5.436 m
T2 Torroid 2
F3 Third Flag 5.976 m
Targ2 Brehm target ladder m
HOLE@WALL 6.412 m