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Re-running data analysis

On DAQ1 machine the code is in the subdirectory


The run list is hard coded. Recompile as necessary.

source /home/daq/ROOT/root/bin/thisroot.csh

source ~/src/CLAS/setup.csh

Recreation Figure list

Analyze data files using dstdump to re-creat the following list of figures

1.2 1.3 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.14 1.18 1.19

Non ROOT analysis Recreation figure list

1.10 1.12


Figure 1.15

File:Fig1.15 V3.xmgrace.txt

Figure 1.17

File:Fig1.17 V3.xmgrace.txt

Figure 2.1

File:Fig2.1 V3.xmgrace.txt

Figure 2.2

File:Fig2.2 V3.xmgrace.txt

Figure 2.5

File:Fig2.5 a V3.xmgrace.txt

Additional Figures

Comparison with EG1-DVCS

EG2000-EG1DVCS PiAsym-vs-Xbj.pngFile:EG2000-EG1DVCS PiAsym-vs-Xbj.xmgrace.txt