Analysis 03-26-2015

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TDC comparison

  • Comparison of run 8857 (single hit TDC) and 4481 (multihit TDC) for the same beam and electronic settings:
    • 500 ps pulse width, 800 mA peak current, 200 Hz rep. rate, DU cyl. target in, 10 mV LED (all), 40 ns LED (all), 1" Al radiator, 3/4" Pb collimator/Pb shielding wall on the accelerator side. Slits are at 350. Pb brick is removed.
  • Normalized 4481 to the same number of beam bursts
  • The single- and multi-hit TDC plots look very similar
  • Note that Det 2T was not in the ROOT tree for 4481 at the time of analysis.

Comp time 8857 4481.png