Altering Phi Angles

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Using the fact that

[math]\cos{\phi} \equiv \frac{p_x}{\sqrt{p^2-p_z^2}}[/math]

[math]\Longrightarrow \sqrt{p^2-p_z^2}=\frac{p_x}{\cos{\phi}}=constant[/math]

We can simply use the expression

[math]\frac{p_x}{\cos{\phi}}=\frac{p_x'}{cos{\left(\phi+\delta \phi\right)}}[/math]

[math]\Longrightarrow p_x'=\frac{p_x \times \cos{\left(\phi+\delta \phi\right)}}{\cos{\phi}}[/math]

Then, using


[math]\Longrightarrow p_y'=\sqrt{p^2-p_z^2-p_x^{'2}}[/math]

Starting with a data file of momentum components constructed using awk as described above

Starting point

A program was written to rotate the phi angle as described above. The changing x and y components for this distribution can be seen with