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  1. Confirm signals on all of Sector 5's sense wires
  2. Finish HV burnin: S:F:G = 1500:-750:536 and the current draw is less than 1 uA CLAS12_R1_S5_QA
  3. After the above is completed, stop gas flow, Install dust covers, prepare for shipping
  4. Test TDC integrity using DAQ and S1
Worked with Haitham on Sector 5
Moved Kraken to SL2
Began confirming signals on S5 sense wires S5 Testing and Performance Summary
Add missing oscilloscope image SL2-STB6-K1200872 U10
Confirmed with Haitham that HV burin is completed for SL2 R1S5_SL2_BurnIn
Rotated Sector 3 with David
Confirmed signals on S5 SL2 sense wires. Found eight wires not listed in S5 Testing and Performance Summary without signal. Will test again to verify.
SL2 has been in HV burnin: S:F:G = 1500:-750:536 and the current draw is 1-2 uA on the sense wires. Has not gone down after a week.
The 2 Fold HV Power Supply still reading between 1-2 uA. Could be readout on power supply. According to Wiki the burnin for S5 SL2 is complete.
Retested signals on eight wires not listed in Testing Summary for signal that were found without signal. Could get signal on five of the wires checked.
Worked with Haitham in clean room. Power is tripped on S5 SL1 HV-7 board. There is a sudden increase in current on the sense wires when the voltage reaches 1300 V. Reset so the voltage was at 1400 V. Did not get to connect TDC as planned.
Checked signal on S5 SL1 for four wires without signal. Found signal on STB1-U17 and STB4-U51. Added missing signal images and undated table.
Cut out dust covers for S5

Available times
Monday 9-5
T,Th 9-3
W,F 12-5

Weekly progress meeting at 10 am Mondays