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March 7 2014

  1. Delays prevented Windows from being installed. They should be installed this weekend.
  2. Final plugs and standoffs will be glued in today
  3. remove chamber from clean room Sunday
  4. Get shipping pallets for lifts, A-frames, the last chamber, and small equipment
  5. Schedule pickup for Friday March 28 so the chamber arrives at JLab during the following week

Plan is to wire wrap, install boards, HV test to 100 Volts in air, and install board covers.

Get Carriage bolts for drift chamber lifting frame

Check that brass screws for windows are in.

Shrink wrap for the last two chambers.

Information to find:

A-frame dimensions:

  • Base Width (dimension perpendicular to the rotation cylinder): 57"
  • Base Depth (dimension parallel to cylinder): 52"
  • Base Depth (including mounting points at top): 68"
  • A-frame plumb (vertical) height: 79"

Note: vertical height includes the height added by a metal end-piece that connects to the cylinder's mounts.

  • A-frame side-length (structural member connecting base to top of "A"): 84"

  • Carriage bolt length for nose-piece of chamber lifting structure: 5.25" long, 1" coarse thread

March 8 2014

Installation of mylar windows complete. All plugs and plastic stand-offs installed.

March 19 2014

  • Wire wrap is ~70% done
  • 2 suspension boots installed on chamber pallets.

March 20 2014

  • Wire wrap is ~85% done
  • All suspension boots installed on pallets. A-frame pallet is finished.

March 21 2014

Remaining tasks:

  • Wire wrap is 100% done

HV Testing

  • Segment wire-wrap
  • Install HV boards, conductive boots & the 'kraken'
  • Do 100/50/20V test on wire-types to check for crossed-wires & excess current draw (what's our metric for success w/ current draw? 10 micro-amps?)

Assuming no problems with HV testing...

  • Try placing a chamber onto a suspension-boot pallet. (do we want to try both chambers? do they need to be packaged first?)
  • Cut and install 3mil dust covers on S2, Re-do dust cover on one side of S1 (it's been sliced open and isn't repairable)
  • Move A-frame out of clean-room and onto a pallet. (store outside) (how do we strap down the A-frame & cylinder? Is there a particular method?)
  • Move both scissor-lifts out and onto pallets.
  • Organize miscellaneous lab materials for shipping back to J-lab on pallets. (need the metal-strap crimping device back)

- Put padding/bubble-wrap back on the extra set of HV boards we didn't install before shipping.

March 22 2014

Issues encountered:

  • Thread tap broke in one of the screw holes that would not even begin to thread a screw.
  • Some coarse HV supply boards were soldered with jumpers on both sides (making them look like fine segmented boards). Will have to take these off and find properly soldered fine-segmented boards.
  • Gas flow to S1 isn't inflating it. Appears that the secondary line that went to another chamber is not plugged / cut off, so we may just be venting ArgCO2 into the room. Also, the out-going tube from the flow controller (that connects to a T-junction for both chamber gas flows) had its shut-off valve turned to the "off" position (probably inadvertent), so no gas was flowing anywhere. The pressure in the ArgCO2 tank is still at 2100 psi.

Changed the T-junction connections so the shut-off valve will cut-off the secondary line's access to gas flow, and turned it to the "off" position. Turned up flow-rate to 85.

March 23 2014

  • Installation of HV boards and conductive boots, jumpers, etc. complete.
  • 100V sense / 50 V field / 20V guard dry air test with kraken on SL1 - no excess current draw (<0.1 microamps for entire superlayer). No crossed wires! Voltage is not feeding from one wire type to another (e.g., if a sense and field were crossed, the field voltage would show as 100V on the HV power supply).

March 24 2014

  • SL2 passed HV test - current is steady at <0.1 microamps once up to 100(sense)/50(field)/20V(guard) for whole superlayer when connected with kraken. No crossed wires - no voltage leaking over from one wire type to another.

HV test passed, && Dust covers are done:

Goal: Finish boxing up drift chamber so they are ready to be mount onto the pallets (check that they go into the boots)

March 25 2014

Prepare A-Frame for shipping by putting it on a pallet and placing it outside the basement door.

March 26 2014

  • A-frame is on a palette and ready for the crane in the loading dock.
  • S2 dust covers complete
  • S2 shrink-wrapped and boxed up

March 27 2014

Pack everything else onto pallets that can move out using the elevator.

prioritized list

1.) both magnets onto pallets 2.) stringing machine and power supply, potting machine, special crimpers cutters and other tools. 3.)Post amp for DC signals needs to be boxed up and sent back 4.) Box up VME amplifiers and other DAQ related equipment (NOT the TDC) 5.) function generator used for tension measurements, 6.) pre-tensioning hardware, any leftover wire and parts

March 28 2014

Crane and forklift arrive at 1:30 this afternoon to move equipment over to loading dock.

Two drift chambers go on the loading dock in the same spot used last time

The man lifts, A-fram and any other equipment goes in the shops area across the loading dock driveway.