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We are ready to install the mylar windows (windows have been cut), however we are short on screws.

Screws required:

Upstream window - 49 screws

Downstream window - 55 screws

Total needed: 104 screws

Current inventory: 36

Need: 68 screws (they come in packs of 10 = 7 packs)

Screw type: Socket head cap screw 8-32 x 1/2 brass

Manufacturer: EZ sockets, Springfield N.J. 07081

We are also short on nylon stand-offs that are the mounts for the HVTB's.

Total needed: 56

Current inventory: 31

Need: 25 get 30 to have some spares

Stand-off type: male-female threaded hex 1/4" hex, 3/8" length, 8-32 thread (according to our specification diagram)


Work on packing equipment for shipping

need brass screws to arrive in order to finish windows.

need nylon standoffs to finish gluing everything in place before remove from the clean room.

Need 4 more pallets, 2 for each lift and at least 1 for the A-frames probably 2.

Current Plan:

1.) Move A-Frames and lifts to shipping area week before spring break

2.) move chambers to loading dock on Monday of spring break.

3.) move pallets with equipment out elevator and to loading doc after chambers are on loading dock.