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Lifted 3 chambers out of the basement and put them on the ISU, temp controlled, loading dock.


Loaded truck for shipment to JLab.


3 chambers arrived at JLab and were unloaded. No obvious damage was reported.

Lessons for the next shipment
  1. trim crate at least 1/2" so there is more space between the trailer wall and the crate. The 91" inch pallets were fine, need to cut a little straighter as a matter of pride and to make it easier to push onto the trailer.
  2. be sure to cut out a section of the 3x3s so there is room for a pallet jack.
  3. be sure white pallet drift chamber wheel blocks are at the proper locations so the chambers are aligned with the pallet. Distance between blocks is less important since U-bolts holding the front wheel can be moved back, but not forward. Error may only be accommodated if the space between the front block and rear is shorter than needed.
  4. Be sure to lift pallets with crane when pallets can't fit through the elevator
  5. Continue to stage drift chamber on the loading dock, the other pallets can be placed outside, may need to secure a location for the other pallets that contain the A-frames, magnets, and other stuff, the non-drift chamber items can be shipped in a separate shipment.


Sector 2 tasks

Stringing left - SL1 - 15 wires (6 field, 9 sense) Wires to tighten/tap - 12 wires (12 field, 0 sense) Potting Mylar windows + protective plates over pins Move onto upper level of lab

Schedule: Jan 18: Stringing, tightening/tapping can be done

Feb 1: finish potting . (one super-layer side a day)

Feb 7-8: mylar windows.

Feb 10: move S2 to upper level and begin HV burn in

Mar 24: HV burnin on S2 completed and crane remaining chambers out of Physics, store on ISU loading Dock

Mar 25: Load chambers and any other items that will fit onto true (there is room for 2 full pallets (Truck can hold three drift chambers pallets and one regular size pallet)

Parallel tasks (Derek) clean-up machine shop build other two palettes sort into sets & make plywood replacement pieces for packaging S2 / S1 Work days (Fri-Sat):

Work days (Fri-Sat): Jan 17-18 Jan 24-25 Jan 31 - Feb 1 Feb 7-8 Feb 14-15 Feb 21-22 Feb 28 - Mar. 1

Spring Break Mar. 21 (friday before that week) - Mar. 30 (sunday at the end)


Finished checking all wires in S2, ready to pot

Removing Magnet system today


Potting of S2 wire feed-throughs on top-side complete.

Ran out of white press-in plugs for plugging pre-tensioner holes. Will have to rotate back after potting bottom side to put in press-in plugs and plastic stand-offs.

Rotating to bottom-side today.

Wood for pallets has been moved from the airport to the Physics machine shop.

Window installation next week.

Start flowing gas into S1 again to finish documenting signals.