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Started stringing SL1. Strung 48 guard wires, now on row 45 SL1.

R1 S1 sense wire signals

R1S1 SL1 C3R7 S2.png

R1S1 SL1 C3R10 S3.png

R1S1 SL1 C4R4 S2.png

R1S1 SL1 C4R8 S3.png


R1S1 SL1 C5R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C5R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C5R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C6R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C6R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C6R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C7R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C7R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C7R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C8R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C8R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C8R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C9R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C9R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C9R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C10R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C10R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C10R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C11R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C11R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C11R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C12R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C12R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C12R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C13R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C13R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C13R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C14R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C14R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C14R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C15R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C15R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C15R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C16R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C16R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C16R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C17R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C17R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C17R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C18R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C18R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C18R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C19R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C19R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C19R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C20R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C20R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C20R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C21R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C21R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C21R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C22R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C22R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C22R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C23R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C23R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C23R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C24R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C24R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C24R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C25R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C25R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C25R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C26R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C26R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C26R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C27R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C27R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C27R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C28R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C28R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C28R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C29R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C29R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C29R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C30R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C30R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C30R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C31R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C31R7 S2.png

Column is high number

Continued stringing SL1 guard wires. Strung 35 wires, now on row 80.

Soldered more stringing chains.


R1S1 SL1 C31R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C32R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C32R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C32R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C33R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C33R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C33R10 S3.png


R1S1 SL1 C36R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C36R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C36R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C37R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C37R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C37R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C38R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C38R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C38R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C39R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C39R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C39R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C40R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C40R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C40R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C41R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C41R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C41R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C42R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C42R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C42R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C43R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C43R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C43R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C44R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C44R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C44R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C45R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C45R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C45R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C46R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C46R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C46R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C47R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C47R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C47R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C48R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C48R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C48R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C49R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C49R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C49R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C50R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C50R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C50R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C51R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C51R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C51R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C52R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C52R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C52R8 S3.png

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R1S1 SL1 C53R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C53R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C54R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C54R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C54R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C55R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C55R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C55R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C56R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C56R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C56R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C57R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C57R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C57R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C58R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C58R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C58R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C59R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C59R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C59R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C60R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C60R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C60R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C61R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C61R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C61R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C62R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C62R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C62R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C63R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C63R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C63R10 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C64R2 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C64R5 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C64R8 S3.png R1S1 SL1 C65R4 S1.png R1S1 SL1 C65R7 S2.png R1S1 SL1 C65R10 S3.png Strung 75 Guard wires (now on row 156).


Mounted Chamber 5 on A-Frame. Strung 44 guard wires through row 200.

Background counts:

27 pulses/61806 Sec.

SL2 Column 132 row 2

Preamp voltage 6.3V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Mounted magnet and stringing rail on Chamber 5. Strung 33 guard wires finishing guards on Chamber 6.

Cosmic counts:

180932 pulses/72973 Sec

SL1 HVB3 Column 80 Row 2

Discriminator threshold - 46mV

Preamp voltage - 6.3V


Visual inspection of Ch 6 Guard wires complete. Ready to start stringing Field wires tomorrow.

Mounted stringing arm and stringing machine on Ch 5. Ch 5 ready for stringing.

Background count:

4531 pulses/ 69564 sec.

SL1 HVB5 Column 138 Row 2

Preamp voltage - 6.3V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Aligned Ch 6 for SL2 stringing. Strung 36 Field wires through row 7.

Background counts:

3 pulses/ 74500 sec.

SL1 HVB7 Column 196 Row 2

Preamp voltage 6.3 V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 63 Field wires through row 17 SL2.


Strung 21 Field wires through row 21 SL2.

Reattached clean room wall and shifted it to allow more room. Before and after pictures to be uploaded soon.

Cosmic counts:

SL1 HVB7 column 226 row 8

803313 pulses/72686 sec

Preamp voltage 4.6V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 70 Field wires through row 31 SL2.


Shopping List:

power strip

magnetic tray for tools (9.5"x5.5")

small table with wheels (LxWxH = 24"x20"x36")

round metal trash canister (DxH = 5.5"x6")

2 trash canisters for lifts (diameter less than 6")

3 alcohol refill bottles

2 metal crimp pin bowls for lifts (diameter less than 6")

step ladder for bottom stringer

medium plastic storage bin

chain bag for hoist

Strung 84 Field wires in SL2. On row 44 now.

Background counts:

280 pulses/245850 sec

SL1 HVB7 column 226 row 2

preamp voltage 5V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 91 Field wires.

It was brought to our attention this afternoon, by Dr. McNulty, that we need to keep a separate work log to record who is stringing, clean-room temperatures, etc. We were tasked with creation of a new Excel file for this purpose and will transfer our existing records to this file tomorrow.

Background counts:

6 pulses/62407 sec

SL2 HVB7 column 226 row 8

preamp voltage 5V

discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 98 Field wires.

Reattached part of the clean room wall that had fallen.

Cosmic count:

107416 pulses/72727 sec

SL2 HVB4 Column 110 row 2

Preamp voltage 5V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 49 Field wires.

After testing tensions and removing the R2 pretensioner, we noticed two loose wires hanging in the chamber. Both had tension errors within the acceptable range when tested earlier. We pulled the wires out the top and examined them. They appeared to have a crimp mark on the bottom. We retested the gap of both crimpers being used and found that the ones on the bottom were not holding the gauged gap. (Both sets of crimpers had been tested immediately after lunch and before beginning stringing in the afternoon.) We visually inspected the wires we had strung and saw no other loose or hanging wires. Debbie made adjustments to the crimpers and replaced the spring. They appear to be holding their gap now. Marcie cleaned and mopped the clean room floor while stringing was temporarily halted. We are ready to begin stringing again in the morning.

Cosmic count:

84456 pulses/72910 sec

SL1 HVB7 column 226 row 8

Preamp voltage 5V

Discriminator threshold 46mV


Strung 77 Field wires and completed trend testing for this week.

Background counts:

63 pulses/ 71724 Sec.

SL1 HVB7 column 226 row 8

Preamp voltage 5V

Discriminator threshold 46mV

1hour counts:

SL2 HVB1 Column 18 Row 5

-Cosmic 14459 pulses/3600 Sec

-With source 14459 pulses/1502 sec

-cosmic 9363 pulses/3600 Sec


Strung 49 Field wires. Repaired old and soldered new stringing chains.

Background counts:

41078 pulse/ 245104 sec.

SL1 HVB7 Column 203 Row 4

Preamp voltage 5V

Discriminator threshold 46mV

1hour counts:

SL1 HVB7 column 203 row 4

-Cosmic 60014 pulse/3600 sec.

-With source 50681 pulses/3760 sec.

-Cosmic 147677 pulses/3600 sec.

-Cosmic 121966 pulses/3600 sec.


Strung 91 Field wires.

Cosmic count:

SL1 HVB1 Column 3 Row 10

14534 pulses/11547 sec.

Preamp voltage 5V


Strung 91 Field wires.

1 hour counts:

SL2 HVB4 Column 118 row 5

- Without source: 33145 pulses/3610 Sec.

- With source(CS-137):38262 pulses/3600 Sec.

- Without source: 37548 pulses/3715 Sec.


Aligned Chamber 5 to begin stringing Guard wires.

Strung 28 Field wires on Chamber 6.

Overnight Cosmic pulse count:

SL2 HVB4 Column 118 Row 5

53122 pulses/49793 Sec.

Preamp voltage 5V


Strung 49 Field wires on Chamber 6.

Completed weekly trend test.


Strung 70 Field wires on Chamber 6.

Strung 5 Guard wires on Chamber 5.