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53 sense wires were strung today. SL2 is completed.


Chamber was rotated so that we can start stringing SL1.

19 wires in SL1 were strung today.


51 sense wires were strung today.


39 wires were strung today.


87 wires were strung today.

20120109 Temp1.png


63 wires were strung today.


We ran into a problem with one of our crimpers. While checking the gap, it seemed a little on the loose side. This was tested using a crimp pin with a scrap piece of sense wire. As I attempted to adjust the crimpers, it didn't seem to tighten. The adjusting screw was unscrewed significantly with no change in gap. It appears the spring is at its minimum and will not allow the crimpers to compress further. Also, one of the teeth on the crimpers is much smaller than the other, thus requiring the crimper adjustment screw to be "tighter" than other crimpers. Both can be seen in the following picture:

20120111 Crimper.png

78 sense wires were strung today.

Pre-filters were changed this evening.


90 sense wires were strung today.

20120112 Temp1.png


60 sense wires were strung today.


66 sense wires were strung today.

Pic of our inline 5 micron filter.

20110117 InlineFilter.jpg


45 sense wires were strung today.


72 wires were strung today.

All wires for this chamber are now strung. Where's the cake!?


Several wires required replacing.

Final tension measurements were made.


Continued visually inspecting wires today while I worked on getting gas (nitrogen) to our gluing stations.

Hoping to start potting by Wednesday.


Continued visual inspection. Several guard wires were visibly loose.


Fixed our loose guard wires.

Prepared chamber for potting. The magnet was removed and the chamber is now rotated with an end plate parallel with the ground.

20120125 Potting1.png 20120125 Potting2.png


Spent some time getting everything set up this morning to start potting.

Started potting late in the afternoon, but things should start moving forward smoothly now.