201110 R1ProgressRep

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124 guard wires were strung today.

10032011 CleanroomTemperature.png


100411 DFStringing1.jpg 100411 DFStringing2.jpg

90 guard wires were strung today.

All guard wires have been strung.

The chamber has been rotated and we will start stringing field wires tomorrow.

10042011 CleanroomTemperatures.png


48 field wires were strung today. Tension measurements were made for all of these wires also.

Temperature measurements are odd and are a concern. Will continue to monitor this. Possibly the heat created by the magnet and it's proximity to the temperature sensor?

10052011 CleanroomTemperatures.png


49 field wires were strung today as well as 8 redo's.

10062011 CleanroomTemperatures.png