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1.)Notify ISU Facilities and Services and the city well in advance

Kyndal Madsen, Doug Simpson Project & Space Manager ISU Facilities Services p. (208) 282-4621 e. simpdoug@isu.edu

Jesse Schuerman, P.E. Traffic Engineer Street Operations City of Pocatello (208)234-6194 jschuerman@pocatello.us

at one point we were asked to fill out the form


but ISU may have a better arrangement now

e-mail from Dennis:

I spoke with Jesse Schuerman, CoP Traffic Engineer/Street Operation, and he was gracious enough to not require a permit, based upon the task you need to complete and the time required, if you provide him with the following information by email prior to the event.
1)     Provide a traffic control plan showing the street to be closed and a description of the signs/barricades you are using to close the street.     
I will assist you with the plan for Jesse, Amerigo can provide the barricades.
(4, type 3 barricades, supplemental cones and road closed signs which were missing last time)
2)     The Date and Times of the Road Closure.
3)    The reasoning for the closure.
4)    The name and contact information of a person overseeing the road closure.
(please add Facilities since we will also need to send a university notice of the closure)
5)     Tony to notify the Emergency Services Center of the closure two days prior to the event.

2.) Rent road closure equipment from Amerigo. As a backup you could call Jesse and the city may loan you the type III barricades.

735 South 1st Avenue Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 234-2181

  1. 4 Type III barricades
  2. 6 supplemental cones
  3. 2 Road Closed signs
  4. 2 sidewalk closed signs
call on Friday to confirm


3.) Schedule Crane from Partner Steel

Call Rick @Partner Steel (233-2371) $85/hr to lower the lifts into the basement. (Partner steel gives ISU hourly rates)

Rick will be waiting for our call Monday morning (they need 30 minutes to get here)

4.) forklift

Alan Hunt has decided that the IAC forklift will no longer be used down in Physics to support the IAC grants sponsoring the research and that we should use ISU's M&O. At this time the truck is still available.


Call olga at 2694 who will transfer you to Wade Mooso's cell phone (380-2074) . You will need to fill out a work order to pay for it http://www.isu.edu/facilities/workord.shtml

5.) Communicate with Chris Wagner (Head of Grounds) so that the watering schedule can be altered to dry out the lawn.

E-mailed Chris on 9/11/12 to make arrangements.

Chris Wagner ISU Head of Grounds (208) 251-0307 wagnchri@isu.edu

6.) send an -email notice to