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Numbered items have been prioritized by Brian. Bullets are wished-for items

  1. fix wiki name name
  2. upload wiki logo
  3. ldap account tie-in
  4. Source code uploading

  • Auto-import scope pictures
  • Email tie-in

When upgrading, map the following users.

  • N means have them create a new LDAP account
  • D means simply delete the account
  • K keep (obsolete user, no logging in)
Old Wiki LDAP
Alan D
Alexy N
Ashley ashleykswingle
brian oborn
bstarks starberk
carlos K
Dale dandale
Dvcs K
EarlPitts K
Freyberg K
GaryFisher K
Jasenswanson N
Keoujord K
KevinKelley K
N*Nstar K
Nickbenj N
Oleksiy N
ParsWarr N
Parswarr *merge with ParsWarr
Phil Cole *merge with Cole
Rymejacob N
Sadik82 Setisadi
SandraHarding K
SerkanGolge ?
Shad K
Shaproma N
Shrostev N
Spauldin K
Spila K
Stancari K
Syed N
Tamar didbtama
tforest foretony