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GEMHV Settings for Table 1

Ch1 3500 Ch2 3200

VFAT Settings for Table 1

  1. ContReg<0> 0x09 set
  1. ContReg<1> 0xFF off
  1. IPreampIn 0xA8 set
  1. IPreampFeed 0x50 set
  1. IPreampOut 0x96 set
  1. IShaper 0x96 set
  1. IShaperFeed 0x64 set
  1. IComp 0x78 set
  1. Vthreshold2 0xFF off

Table 1
Run NumberThreshold_ 1Tot Num EventsNum Zero Event VFAT 0Ave VFAT 0Num Zero Event VFAT 1 Ave VFAT 1Num Zero Event VFAT 2Ave VFAT 2Num Zero Event VFAT 3Ave VFAT 3Num Zero Event VFAT 4 Ave VFAT 4Num Zero Event VFAT 5Ave VFAT 5

For Table 2 the Thresh_1 setting is individually dialed in:

Table 2
Run NumberTot Num Events Thresh_1 VFAT0Num Zero Event VFAT 0Ave VFAT 0 Thresh_1 VFAT1Num Zero Event VFAT 1Ave VFAT 1 Thresh_1 VFAT2Num Zero Event VFAT 2Ave VFAT 2 Thresh_1 VFAT3Num Zero Event VFAT 3Ave VFAT 3 Thresh_1 VFAT4Num Zero Event VFAT 4Ave VFAT 4 Thresh_1 VFAT5Num Zero Event VFAT 5Ave VFAT 5
113714668 0xA01251421.32 0xA01451022.15 0x901048419.05 0x901105615.29 0x78765331.60 0x881019323.30
113810000 0x981251421.32 0x981451022.15 0x881048419.05 0x881105615.29 0x90765331.60 0x901019323.30