UnderGraduate Neutron Correlations Lab

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NaI detector setup

Creating ROOT data files

source ~/CODA/setup

/home/daq/CODA/CODAreader/ROOT_V5.34/PAA/evio2nt -fr6815.dat > /dev/null

Analyzing ROOT data file

root -l r8735.root

to draw a histogram for Peak ADC channel 4


To scale the histogram using an energy calibration of 0.45 keV/channel


To save thehistogram under the name Cs137


To normalize the histogram by a run time of 2600 seconds



run 6816 background (~300Hz) 1/47 = 0.021277

run 6817 signal (~600 Hz) 1/75 =0.013333

NaI Cs137 4-22-21.png


Run Number configuration
6819 Cs-137 source at location of Cf-252, no Cf-252 or Cd target in apparatus
6820 start time: 16:04:33 04/26/2021 Cs-137 out, Cd in , Cf-252 out. NaI at closest possible. stop time: 16:08:34
6821 start time: 16:11:41 04/26/2021 Cs-137 out, Cd in , Cf-252 in , Poly thermalizer 1/2" in. NaI at closest possible. stop time: