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Went below American Falls dam on the north side of the river below the fish hatchery and above Maggies place. There is a dirt road taking you to the sportsmans access point. A stream flows into the river and you can find some rising there. Upstream a little there is a choke point in the river with a deep pool (6 feet or more). Strip a fly through this pool by standing at the choke point and letting the wooly bugger flow down stream a 50 feet perhaps 100 ft. On the South side below this choke point they take nymphs with a strike indicator.

A RainTrt 1-26-14 20inch.jpgB RainTrt 1-26-14 20inch.jpgC RainTrt 1-26-14 20inch.jpgD RainTrt 1-26-14 20inch.jpg