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Idaho stocking schedule

Try the orange and yellow

Fly fishing spots

Bear Creek

Drive accross the Palisades dam onto the dirt road from Highway 26 Follow the signs to the Bear Creek trailhead


Beula Lake,Wy


Big Elk Creek

Take Highway 26 from Idaho Falls towards Palisade Resevoir Look for Big Elk Creek campground 3 miles south east of the Dam Turn northeast onto Big Elk Creek Road and park in the campground Take a trail upstream


Bitch creek

Turn east off of 32 on Jackpine Rd at GP location 43:55:31N,111:10:44W Turn North onto Reece Rd at 43:55:31N, 111:08:59 W Turn East onto 1400 N at 43:55:44N,111:08:59 W road banks north ont 1425N at 43:55:44N,111:08:23W becomes a rough dirt road at 43:56:23 N, 111:08:23 W (keep going straight there are two roads off the the east)

Covered Bridge

Turn east off of 32 on Jackpine Rd at GP location 43:55:31N,111:10:44W Turn North onto Reece Rd at 43:55:31N, 111:08:59 W continue straight until a very rough dirt road appears at 43:56:08N,111:08:50 W that will cut over to a better dirt road

Crow Creek

Take highway 89 from Montpelier towards Geneva and into Wyomng Go left on Highway 89/61 and drive north several miles to the Wyoming Highway 236 Intersection (if you reach Afton you have gone too far) Turn west and follow Highway 236 to Fairview Turn south on Crow Creek road and follow the stream back into Idaho

Try hoppers, cricket, and ants to bring big brown and cutts up


Cub River

Drive south on interstate 15 to US highway 91 Drive South on 91 through Virginia and Preston. turn east on Cub River Road after passing the little berg of Whitney Follow Cub River Road past the village of Mapleton and into Cache National Forest The road runs parallel to the river and you can start fishing as soon as you enter the National Forest

If you want to fish at Willow Flat, just follow stay on Cub river road (FR 406) and look for the sign You can keep going until you reach Birch Creek Road (FR 407) which will take you to Highway 36 and back to Preston


East Fork of Rock Creek

Fish where the water slows and as a result the pools are deep

Take interstate 86 west from pocatello to the junction with Idaho highway 37.

Drive south on 37 for 11 miles to the town of Rockland

Take a left at Center street in Rockland which becomes 4300 South after leaving town toward the east

Center will take a 90 degree turn to the north

less than a mile after the hard left north you will turn right onto East Fork road

public access is on the right after a short drive up the canyon

watch out for rattle snakes

try dry flies here

in the afternoon try chernobyls

Yellow Humpy worked in first week of October 2013 around the first camp site, float it under tree overhangs and near bends with deep holes


Eightmile Creek

From downtown Soda Springs you turn SOuth on Bailey Creek Road (Forest Road 197) Turn left after several miles onto Nounan Road turn right after about 1 mile when Nounan Road intersects Eightmile road (Forest Road 425), this will take you into Cahe National Forest Eightmile creek will appear first on your left cross over eightmile creek and start fishing upstream of the bridge

try to fish the beaver ponds

The farther up eightmile road you go the bigger the fish

Attractors like te #14 Royal Coachman work well

small prince nymph works well

big adams dry fly at dusk on the beaver ponds

10" trout are common


Georgetown creek

take US 30 east from Soda springs about 15 miles to Georgetown

take a left on Creamery Lane in Georgetown and drive to Georgetown Canyon

fish the canyon in stretches of water that look good

no known for big trout mostly brookies

try Royal Coachman for brookies

rainbows and cuts go for weighted nymphs

wooly buggers or leech imitaters in the big pools


Henry's Lake Outlet


Hidden Lake, MT


Little Lost River

Drive west on US Highway 26 from Blackfoot Take a sharp right onto Highway 33/22 before you get to Arco Turn North onto the Little Lost River after driving 10 miles to Howe Take the right fork (Sawmill Canyon Road) after driving 30 miles on the dirt road Start fishing when you are in the canyon away from the private ranches

Middle Fork of the Salmon, ID


Middle Fork River, ID


Montpelier Creek

Take US highway 89 east from Montpelier towards Geneva.

Stream is on the right side of the road as you drive up Montpelier canyon You can access the stream after you enter National Forest lands Cross the stream near Crow Creek road and look for a dirt road on the east side of the stream to park on

try stripping a wooly bugger into the current near dusk

Chernobyl ant s can be effective too

hopper and ant flies in the middle of the day

17" rainbows are common

a few big brown trout


Rainey Creek

Drive on Highway 26 from Idaho Falls toward Swan Valley Turn left on Rainey Creek Road which is just past the Swan Valley Post office & the square ice cream cone store Park at the trail head past the primitive campground


Snake River, ID


South Fork River, ID


Stump Creek

From Montpelier, drive east on 89 to Afton Wyoming Drive west on Auburn Fish Hatchery road that is about 4 miles North of Afton The road forks ,take the north road which is known as Stump Creek Road A guard station appears after a couple of miles Take a left on the road near the guard station cross the bridge and find a spot to park

Go for big brown trout in the Fall that are going up stump creek to spawn


Teton River

Between Victor and Driggs

Bates Road Bridge: 43:41:47N, 111:09:54W

Buxton Rd Bridge: 43:43:24M,111:11:16W (turn West on W. Little Ave)

W 4000N Rd: 43:46:53N,111:12:34W (has a boat ramp, run west off of Hi 33 at 43:46:52N,111:06:38W)

Tincup Creek

Go North on Highway 34 from Soda Springs Highway 34 crosses Tincup creek after 20 miles or so A dirt US Forest service road can take you upstream or you can go to Lone Pine Campground


Topance Creek

Backside of Pebble creek.

went downstream from the bridge.

Float a cadis simulation dry fly near the banks.

try yellow humpies

grasshopper patterns late in the year


wild horse creek

Go to Mackay (Highway 93), past Mackay reservoir , and turn left onto trail creek road at GPS coordinates 44 edges 4 minutes N and 113 degrees and 5 minutes West.

Turn left on wild horse creek road at GPS coordinates 43 degrees 55 minutes and 25 seconds North by 114 degrees 7 minutes and 17 seconds West.

The road will follow the creek and not cross it.