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Meeting Time/place
Lecture is held in rm 132
Lab is held in rm 133
T: 12:00 - 1:50
W: 12:00 - 12:50
T: 12:00 - 1:50
the lecture days will be either Tuesday or Thursday depending on student progress in the lab
Dr. Tony Forest
117C Physical Sciences Complex Bldg 3
Course Info Webpage
Office hours
WF 10:00-12:00,TuTh 10-11am
Instructional Objectives


Course grade will be assigned based on laboratory reports and two exams according to the table below.

Condition Grade calculation
All Labs complete (70 %) lab report + (10 %) Midterm) + (20%) Final
If 1 lab incomplete or more than 48 hours late (50 %) lab report + (20 %) Midterm) + (30%) Final
Otherwise (30 %) lab report + (30 %) Midterm) + (40%) Final

Grading Scale : 90-100% = A, 80-89.9% = B, 70-79.9% = C, 60-69.9% = D, < 60% = F


Students should work on the experiments individually. Each student is required to maintain a permanent bound laboratory notebook in which all measurements and written work will appear. This laboratory notebook may be collected from time-to-time. Lab report templates are available which you will use to individually report your measurements. You should answer the questions which appear in the Lab template. The credit awarded for each part of the lab usually appears in the template. Instrumentation and electrical components will be issued to students for the semester, and the students are responsible for their care and safe use.


There will be a one hour midterm examination and a two hour final examination. The final will be cumulative and include a lab component worth 20% of the final grade. If you miss a test without a valid excuse, you will receive a zero for the test. Students who miss an exam due to an unavoidable emergency (illness, death in the family, ...) must discuss the situation with me as soon as possible ( preferably before) the exam. An excused absence requires a written request to make up an assignment or exam and documentation (e.g. a signed note from a physician or a university official). If you miss a test with an excused absence, you may take a make-up test of difficulty no less than that of the original test. If you miss the final examination you may, upon request, get an I-grade only if you have a valid excuse and the average of your other scores indicates a possibility of passing the course. You will then have to complete the course at another time.

Class Policies

Labs reports are due at the beginning of class when the class starts a new experiment. Labs received after 48 business hours are considered late. The labs are graded on a 100 point scale. Ten points per day after the 48 hour grace period is deducted from lab reports that are submitted late. In other words, don't bother handing in a lab 12 days after it was due.