Summary of Testing Sense Wires for Scope Picture Signal

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Total number of sense wires in an SL2 = 3*(226-5+1)+4 = 670, total number of pics in all directories = 634 for SL2 (or 594 for SL1 ), looks we have to take pictures for the missing rows.

Super Layer Signal Board Notes
SL1 STB1-H1203651 no good signal observed on postamp out channels: connector 1 (U1-17): ch 1,4; connector 2: ch 3;connector 3:ch 3; connector 5; 2 (hot channel ch6),(hot channel ch8), ; connector 6:ch 3,(hot channel ch10)
SL1 STB2-H1203657
SL1 STB3-H1200191
SL1 STB4-G1203364
SL1 STB5-G1202268
SL1 STB6-G1203205
SL1 STB7-H1200196
SL2 STB1-K1202514 Connector 1: ch 1,3,4;connector 2 : (hot channel ch9); connector 3: ch ,13
SL2 STB2-K1202517
SL2 STB3-K1202513
SL2 STB4-K1202515
SL2 STB5-K1202518
SL2 STB6-K1202510
SL2 STB7-K1202511