Se170063 Thin Window Analysis

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In order to try to pin down the ratio of pure selenium to the selenium in the soil, try using a 2 channel window to find the signal. The error in the signal will be found by integrating a gaussian over the window and finding the error by expanding sigma by its own error. There seems to be a problem with root's fitting mechanism when I set the amplitude. Even though the max value in the window is given, when trying to set the amplitude to the maximum, the fitter doesn't seem to do that. Below is an example

400 <t< 640 sec 1100 < t < 1360 sec 1875 < t < 2150 2650 < t < 2930 sec 3400 < t < 3690 sec 4120 < t < 4400 sec 4840 < t < 5130 sec
Thin Window
Original Window
Expanded Window
Peak Amplitude 350000
Given Max In Window 260980
Thin Window Counts
Gaussian Integrated over Thin Window