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Testing procedure

Things that may cause "noise" that are actually due to your testing setup:

  • STB boards not securely attached to chamber. Make sure center screws (ones attaching directly to the chamber, not the nylon stand-offs) are tightened to 14 in. lb's.
  • Scope's termination set to 1Mohm. Set the scope to 50ohm termination.
  • Lower bandwidth of 1 Ghz scope to 200 Mhz. This attenuates peak height, but also rejects high frequency noise and reduces the noise level from 55-65 mV to ~11-15 mV.

Super Layer 1

STB-1 G1202220

Layer Wire Channel Date Comments
U1 This channel presents higher noise level than the other ones, which makes difficult to get a signal with amplitude below 30mV. This behaviour extends to all the first channels of each connector in the board. however, if a high enough trigger level is set in the scope(~40mV), it is always possible to get a signal in these channels.

U01 Noise.png

U24 Warm Wire: This is a channel that always triggers a fake signal.

U24 1380 WARM.png

U38 Warm Wire.

U38 1380 WARM.png

U66 HOT Wire: This is a channel that always triggers a fake signal very often.

U66 1380 HOT.png

U87 HOT Wire.

U87 1380 HOT.png

U93 HOT Wire.

U93 1380 HOT.png

The rest of channels not mention here has a similar behaviour between them, with a noise level not greater than ~20mV.

STB-2 G1202266

Layer Wire Channel Date comments
U38 Hot wire.

U38 1360 HOT.png

U40 Warm wire.

U40 1360 WARM.png

U51 Hot wire.

U51 1360 HOT.png

U65 Hot wire.

U65 1360 HOT.png

STB-3 G1202273

Layer Wire Channel Date comments
U1 Hot wire.

U01 HOT.png

U2 Hot wire.

U02 HOT.png

U39 Hot wire.

U39 1350 HOT.png

U78 Hot wire.

U78 1350 HOT.png

STB-4 G1202275

Layer Wire Channel Date comments
U15,U21,U28 This Board presents a unusual noise in all the channels. The noise is a big positive spark, which makes difficult the recolection of signals. However, It was possible by setting a higher trigger level in the scope.

U15 SV 1289 Big Positive Spark.pngU21 SV 1310 Big Positive Spark.pngU28 SV 1310 Big Positive Spark.png

U61 Hot and Noisy. The Cause of the noise is the amplifier used. It turns out that this device is very sensitive to the vibration and movement.

U61 SV 1350 HOT Noise.png

STB-5 G1202271

Layer Wire Channel Date comments
U08 Hot and Noisy.

U08 SV 1289 HOT Noisy.png

U17 Noise.

U17 SV 1289 Noise.png

U18 Noise.

U18 SV 1289 Noise.png

U33 Noise.

U33 SV 1289 Noise.png

U34 Noise.

U34 SV 1289 Noise.png

U49 Noise.

U49 SV 1289 Noise.png

U50 Noise.

U50 SV 1289 Noise.png

U60 Hot.

U60 SV 1289 HOT.png

U65 Noise.

U65 SV 1289 Noise.png

U66 Noise.

U66 SV 1289 Noise.png

U81 Noise.

U81 SV 1289 Noise.png

U82 Noise.

U82 SV 1289 Noise.png

U88 Hot.

U88 SV 1289 HOT.png

U89 Hot.

U89 SV 1289 HOT.png


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Channel Date comments
U23 Hot wire U23 HOT.png
U69 Hot wire U69 HOT.png
U78 Hot wire U78 HOT.png
U92 Hot wire U92 WARM.png

Super Layer 2


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments


Layer Wire Date comments