PosRun 10 14 2013

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Run list

Scaler channel #2 counts the number of beam pulses

Detector 4 is Beam Left and in ADC channel 7, Ortec Dual Spec amp set to course=10, fine=39, Canberra CFD set to 85 mV lower threshold

Detector 1 is Beam Right and in ADC channel 3, Ortec Dual Spec amp set to course=20, fine=10, Canberra CFD set to 70 mV lower threshold

Run # Run Duration (s) Configuration
6488 min s 2Hz rep rate, Looking at NaI in shielded cell at -600 Volts, Magnet on Accelerator side deflects electrons, Tungsten target is out, triggering only on the beam gate and looking at ADC channel 3

FC -vs- 90A beam stop correlation

FC = Aluminum brick 2" from exit window near NaI detectors

50 Ohm scope termination

90 A BS (nVs) FC (nVs)
47 25
24 11.9
13 6
6.1 2.3
4.8 1.8