PosRun 10 14 2013

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Run list

Scaler channel #2 counts the number of beam pulses

Detector 4 is Beam Left and in ADC channel 7, Ortec Dual Spec amp set to course=10, fine=39, Canberra CFD set to 85 mV lower threshold

Detector 1 is Beam Right and in ADC channel 3, Ortec Dual Spec amp set to course=20, fine=10, Canberra CFD set to 70 mV lower threshold

Run # Run Duration (s) Configuration
6488 min s 2Hz rep rate, Looking at NaI in shielded cell at 700 Volts, Magnet on Accelerator side deflects electrons, Tungsten target is out, triggering only on the beam gate and looking at ADC channel 3

FC -vs- 90A beam stop correlation

FC = Aluminum brick 2" from exit window near NaI detectors

50 Ohm scope termination

90 A BS (nVs) FC (nVs)
47 25
24 11.9
13 6
6.1 2.3
4.8 1.8