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Physics Faculty meeting minutes





The next Faculty meeting is scheduled for

Current Agenda:

Physics Lab equipment acquisition update
Prequal results
EAS Ph.D. degree
Update on incoming Grad. Students
Dean search committee

Meeting Summary


The next Faculty meeting is scheduled for Feb. 5 at 2 pm in the Physics conference room.

Current Agenda:

Physics Lab equipment request
EAS Ph.D. degree
Update on incoming Grad. Students
Dean search committee
Status and plans at the IAC
Meeting Summary
  • $2,000 in lab equipment that is needed for this semester will be purchased
  • Need to spend about $20,000 for lab interfaces
  • EIM lab need a few items, Lab fees currently being put into LPHY02?



The next Faculty meeting is scheduled for Jan. at 15 pm in the IAC conference room.

Current Agenda:

  • Status of Workload policy approval
  • Comments on the proposed Lab schedule
  • Incoming graduate students
  • Open TA lines
  • The graduate program


1.) IAC status (Jon Stoner):

The IAC continues to work on isotope production of Cu-67 as well as isotopes for INL. Student opportunities exist involving the measurements of sample activities using a calibrated HpGe detector (counting analysis). A student may also find opportunities on the Niowave neutron source project. Alan Hunt may be interested in a studentfor DTRA work. CPI support may be available as well.

*Beam charges have increased due to the new indirect cost assessment policy.

*Despite our attempts at improving communication between faculty and the IAC, we seem to have missed a few potential opportunities.

The links are intended to give faculty some ideas when they search for FOAs.

*Faculty are encouraged to schedule their beam time during the late fall and winter months when beam time is more available.

2.) Class evaluations (Sandra O’Neil) :

Sandra discussed a proposal for student evaluations with Dave Rogers. Basically the plan is to return to the old system and have a paper record that is kept on file that becomes available to the faculty after grades have been submitted. There is no plan to produce a summary of the results but rather have the raw data available if needed for PPRs and promotions. Faculty will encourage the students to use the online system as well but evaluations during class time will be done to ensure student participation.

3.) Labs: (Kirsten Bernabee & Anna Hoskins) Kirsten and Anna reported that about $20k is needed to replace equipment ($10k for interfaces). A lab renovation proposal is in the works that would require about $40k. see attachment A below and Kirsten’s e-mail from November 20.

4.) We may have two open TA lines next semester. Sandra will inquire with the grad office to determine if there are grad student applications floating around.

5.) EAS Ph.D. :

Dan Dale reported that he met with Chikashi Sato to discuss the requirements for the Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Sato said that this committee has been meeting to discuss this, and the only common requirement at present is engineering math. Each department is supposed to formulate their own requirements. Physics has not been participating in these meetings. Phil Cole volunteered to serve as our representative.


1.) prequel is schedules for October 9 from 9-1 in the physics conference room. No report on status of Qual exam

2.) Undergrad curriculum changes have made it to the committee

3.) Department T&P committee is being chaired by Dr. Dan Dale.

4.) Physics Lab status:

a.) about $10k of equipment repairs/upgrades are needed
b.) lab fees are not going to correct local accounts
c.) PHYS101L and EIM fees do not appear in local account

5.) A Maternity leave replacement is needed by Mid November until March.

6.) Recruitment: Dr. Steven Shropshire will inquire about talks at BYU and U of I targeting graduate student recruitment.

7.) Workload policy: A few changes were made to the current workload policy. A new version will be distributed before the next meeting.