Lab 1 TF EIM

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Kirchoff's Law

Construct the circuit below.

Enter the values of the DC voltage and Resisters that you used.

Use a voltmeter to measure the potential difference and resistances.

Variable Measured Value
[math]V_A [/math]
[math]V_B [/math]

Enter the measured and predicted quantities in the table below

Use Kirchoff's laws to predict the Voltage ([math]V_C[/math]) and current values and compare them to your measurements by filling in the table below.

Variable Measured Value Predicted Value % Difference

Internal resistance

Measure the internal resistance of your power source by graphing the potential difference on the x-axis and the current on the y-axis for several values of the resistance [math]R_L[/math] shown in the circuit below. Begin with [math]R_L = 1k\Omega[/math] and then decrease it by a factor of 5 for each subsequent measurement. You can use a volt meter to measure the current and potential difference.