Lab 17 TF EIM

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The JFET (Junction Field Effect Transistor n-channel)

JFET MPF102 Pinouts.png

File:JFET MPF102 DataSheet.pdf

1.) Complete the table below for the JFET.

Parameter Value
[math] I_{DSS}[/math]
[math]R_G[/math] 3.3 M[math]\Omega[/math]

2.)Construct the JFET circuit below.

3.)Plot measurements of [math]I_D[/math] -vs- [math]V_{DS}[/math] by varying [math]V_{dd}[/math] for [math]\left | V_{GS}\right |[/math] = 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 V. (40 pnts)

  1. Plot[math] I_D[/math] -vs- [math]V_{GS}[/math] (30 pnts)
  2. Calculate [math]y_{fs}[/math] for your JFET (20 pnts)


  1. Does [math]y_{fs}[/math] depend on[math] I_D[/math]? (10 pnts)