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JPOS09 Poster.jpg

Positron_Workshop_2009 : March 25-27, 2009

By September 2009:

Positron workshop, Date and name for workshop, physics and accelerator, 2-3 days, at JLab combination of invited talks and contributed. $1-2k ISU Dan Dale contribution

Organizing Committee:

Joe Grames, Latifa, Wally, Eriv Voutier, Tony Forest.

Advisory comittee:

Pierre Bertran, Charles Hyde, ILC positron person, John Shepard ILC positron source, Krishna Kumar, Arne Freyberger, Matt Polker, Max Kline, Roy Holt, Bogdan W.,

Alan Hunt

75% physics, 25% accelerator

International Committee: Phil Cole.

Speaker: Gulio

By Aug, 18.2008: select advisory committee, propose dates, proposed names, 30 - 40 talks, 30 minute talks, 15 minute questions.

By September: Name and date for the workshop

By Oct 1, 2008 : announce the workshop, have proceedings

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