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DAQ commands

Source CODA and ROOT

source ~/CODA/2.6.2/setup
source /home/daq/src/root/root-5.34.00/bin/thisroot.csh

Run the bash script titled 'jeff', which takes the run number as an argument. This script will automatically convert the .dat file to a .root file and then open it in root. The script: File:Jeff.txt.

bash jeff 4716

The first index of evt.TDC1190 is the hit #. The second index increases consecutively with TDC channel number, but the index starts from 1, while the TDC channels start at 0.

Common ROOT plot commands for copy-past:

First hit minus second hit:


PMT difference:

R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[1][2]-evt.TDC1190[1][3])/10","evt.TDC1190[1][2]!=0 && evt.TDC1190[1][3]!=0 && evt.TDC1190[1][1]!=0")

PMT Sum, where evt.TDC1190[1][1] is the trigger:

R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[1][3]/10+evt.TDC1190[1][2]/10)/2-evt.TDC1190[1][1]/10>>PMTSum(1000,-500,500)","evt.TDC1190[1][2]!=0 && evt.TDC1190[1][3]!=0 && evt.TDC1190[1][1]!=0")

TDC Calibration

The data was collected by taking the channel difference between two pulses with a delay of 500,600,700, and 800 ns.



Pace of signal

The pace of a signal in a 223/U cable is 1.5 ns/ft.

Dead time of the GG800-01 Octal Gate and Delay Generator

When an input receives 2 or more pulses over a duration less than or equal to the delay plus the output pulse width plus 20 ns, only the final pulse to reach the input will appear in the delayed output signal.