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DAQ commands

Source CODA and ROOT

source ~/CODA/2.6.2/setup
source /home/daq/src/root/root-5.34.00/bin/thisroot.csh

Run the bash script titled 'jeff', which takes the run number as an argument. This script will automatically convert the .dat file to a .root file and then open it in root. The script: File:Jeff.txt.

bash jeff 4716

The first index of evt.TDC1190 is the hit #. The second index increases consecutively with TDC channel number, but the index starts from 1, while the TDC channels start at 0.

Common ROOT plot commands for copy-past:

First hit minus second hit:


PMT difference:


PMT Sum, where evt.TDC1190[1][1] is the trigger:


TDC Calibration

A linear fit was done by using a set delay of 500,600,700, and 800 ns.