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=DU runs=
=DU runs=
==TDC spectrum==
==TDC spectrum==
Detector 1
[[File:PMTs.png| 1000 px]
[[File:Det1TDC.png| 500 px]]
Detector 2
[[File:Det2tdc.png| 500 px]]
Detector 3
[[File:Det3DTC.png| 500 px]]
Detector 4
[[File:Det4TDc.png|500 px]]
==Target in vs. target out==
==Target in vs. target out==

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DU runs

TDC spectrum

[[File:PMTs.png| 1000 px]

Target in vs. target out

Gamma peak is revealed by comparing target in and target out runs.




[math]Neutron TOF=\frac{PMT_{top}+PMT_{bottom}}{2}-t_{\gamma peak}+\gamma_{TOF}[/math] Det4ToF.png


Neutron Energy:

[math]\frac{1}{2}m_{n}\left(\frac{in}{ns}\right)^2=3.372\left(\frac{42}{t}\right)^2 MeV[/math]

Watt distribution:

[math]Ce^{-aE^'}\sinh\left(\sqrt{bE^'}\right)=0.708 e^{-0.884 E^'}\sinh \left(\sqrt{E^'}\right)[/math]


Second Hit

Odd TDC spectrum in the second hit:

Snip20150815 28.png

Applying cuts based on TDC difference could help:


Opening angles

Uncorrelated distribution from detectors 1-4:

Snip20150729 3.png

Analyzing 5653446 pulses from DU runs, I was able to find 349 two-neutron events in detectors 1-4.


As a test I did the same for gamma events:

Snip20150815 29.png