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Key word search

  1. Transmutation
  2. Isotope production
  3. Forensics
  4. Nuclear Applications
  5. Source replacement
  6. Radio-Tracers
  7. Trace element analysis
  8. positrons
  9. defect detection (Positron annihilation,
  10. Environmental monitoring (Selenium in Blackfoot)
  11. Activation Analysis
  12. counterfeit

Possible Agencies

Food and Drug Administration

National Institute Justice

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Recent RFPs

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2016

Funding Opportunity Number: DE-FOA-0001414

DOE grants (f) Isotope Development and Production for Research and Applications on pg 37


The Program also supports isotope production

and basic research at a suite of university accelerator and reactor facilities throughout the Nation to promote a reliable supply of domestic isotopes. Examples of isotope research required to meet national needs include positron-emitting radio nuclides to support the rapidly growing area of medical imaging using positron emission tomography (PET), isotopes supporting medical research used to diagnose and treat diseases spread through acts of bioterrorism, research isotopes for various scientific and biomedical applications, enriched stable isotopes, and alternative isotope supplies for national security applications and advanced power sources. One of the high priorities is to conduct R&D aimed at re-establishing a U.S. capability for enriched stable isotope production. Another high priority is a long-term research effort to produce Ac-225, an isotope that shows great promise in the treatment of diffuse cancers and infections if it can be produced in sufficient quantity and quality. Isotope Program research also provides training opportunities for workforce development in the areas of nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry. These disciplines are essential to the long-term health of the fields of radioisotope production and applications.

Can we make Ac-225 using electron accelerators? Ac-225 half life is 10 days. Los Alamos can make world supply in a few days but a cheaper (desktop?) method is needed.
The Reaction
[math]{226 \atop 88} Ra_{138} + \gamma \rightarrow {225 \atop 88} Ra_{137} + {1 \atop 0} n[/math]
[math]{225 \atop 88} Ra_{137} \rightarrow {225 \atop 89} Ac_{136} + {0 \atop -1} e[/math]

LANL producing Ac-225 using accelerated protons on Thorium, claims nuclear data is needed in April, 2012

File:VanSant Thesis.pdf

Deadline: Feb. 1 , 2016

Drug provenance (Coffee PAA results) Lead provenance (bullets,


NIJ is seeking proposals for basic or applied research and development projects that will: (1) increase the body of knowledge to guide and inform forensic science policy and practice, or (2) result in the production of useful materials, devices, systems, or methods that have the potential for forensic application. The intent of this program is to direct the findings of basic scientific research, research and development in broader scientific fields applicable to forensic science, and ongoing forensic science research toward the development of highly discriminating, accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and rapid methods for the identification, analysis, and interpretation of physical evidence for criminal justice purposes.

Lead in Doggies biscits

Nuclear Applications

Glasstone Dolan NeutronEspectrum4FissionWeapon.png