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Met with IAC director Doug Wells and Khalid Chouffani at the IAC to determine the next steps on the positron project funded by DOE.

1.) Ask Mark Balzer to submit a report on the radiation dose measurements taken.

2.) Once report is digested, determine the HRRL shielding needed to move the accelerator to the wall as shown in Stancari's design.

3.) Doug will send a paper with gamma measurements made that may be comparable to the HRLL.

4.) Compose a downtime schedule for the HRRL

5.) Try to get Yag crystals from JLab for the flags and see if there are any beam profile monitors available.

6.) The Bevatron at LBL may be decomission. see if they will ship lead shielding.

12/17/09 11 am at IAC

Met with Khalid and Sadike to discuss progress

1.) Sadike has been able to run Optim32 and is starting to figure out the beam parameters and their meaning.

2.) Sadike will create a geometry file in GEANT4 which represent the HRRL accelerator room. The goal will be to simulate the expected particle flux change as seen at the exit of the accelerator room after we move the cavity to the wall. The first goal will be to simply look at the ratio of particle fluxes before and after the move.


3.) Khalid is still waiting for final quotes and specification on the FC from the vendor.

12/23/09 10 am at IAC

1.) Khalid will order FC ($1k) and ask for a second one. Princeton scientific

2.) Sadike has a geometry file for the HRRL, and a definition of concrete, and has set up the original electron source.

3.) Next

a.) Sadike will set up the moved electron source

b.) Create gaussian beam [math]\sigma[/math] = 3 mm

c.) Physics list for electron, gammas

d.) upload a few physics events illustrating electron and photon interactions with the target and the walls.

4.) Next meeting week of Jan 11., prefferably thursday.

5.) Check drawings with Denton Dance x4710, specifically the ceiling thickness, distance from outside wall to grass, check wall thicknesses, are wall all concrete or do they have dirt cores

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