HRRL BeamLine 2011

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Beam Line installation 2011


Completion Date Task
3/30/11 Order Gate Valve (4 week lead time)
4/4/11 Complete Beam Line CAD drawing (J. Ellis)
4/11/2011 Built beam pipe and flanges (Kevin?)
4/18/2011 Complete Stands
4/25/2011 Built target chamber

Works to be done to put HRRL back

A. 45 deg

1. Holder for 2nd Flag to be made.

2. Beam pipe for quad 7 to be made.

2. 45deg table to be drilled for holder.

3. Shopping at digikey for jaws.

90 deg

1. Extension pipe to be made. 2. Ion pump purchase 3. Test Jlab flag 4. Table for flag and detectors to be made 5. Annihilation target to be searched or reordered if not found.

Break vacuum and put the parts together

1. Put all the parts together and engineers will do it.

Works to be done to run HRRL

1. Faraday cup wires to be soldered.

2. Wires to be pulled from control area to the beamline.

3. Camera to be installed under 1st flag and calibrated.

4. Positron target, chamber etc.

Parts list