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Completion Date IAC Task
9/10 2 weeks ($10k) Chad builds and installs stands
10/10 2 days ($1k) IAC engineers move HRRL to new location
10/10 2 weeks ($10 k) Built beam pipe and flanges (Kevin?)
10/10 2 weeks ($10k) IAC engineers install beam line with magnets
11/9/10 RF conditioning
11/2910-12/15/10 NRF experiment with moved HRRL
2/16/11 OTR test with beam
3/3/11 OTR test with beam
3/14/11-3/18/11 Sadiq emittance measurements. Beam misalignment was discovered. It was discovered later during the 8/11 alignment that the beam line center was 1.5 cm below the center of the experimental cell port (hole through the wall).
7/2011 3 days ($1k) Removed and reinstall Gun for alignment (Chad)
3/11? Sadiq and Khalid disassembles beam line for alignment
3/30/11 Order Gate Valve (4 week lead time)
4/4/11 Complete Beam Line CAD drawing (J. Ellis)
8/2011 1 week Mapped one Quad (Khalid, Sadiq)
8/2011 3 weeks Zero degree beam line aligned (Khalid, Sadiq)
8/2011 $500 1 day IAC engineers assemble pump down zero degree beam line. Gate valve and OTR Flag installed
10/2011 1 week Map 2nd Dipole (Khalid, Sadiq)
10/2011 $1500 Order 2nd Ion Pump for HRRL File:HRRLIONPumpQUote102011.pdf
10/2011 Order Ion Pump Power supply and connectors
19/10/2011 [Beam_Pipe_for_Quad7 Order 2 Flanges for quad7 beampipe from Duniway]
20/10/2011 Order beampipe for quad7 and beampipe for 90 degree extension
21/10/2011 Beam pipe for quad7, ion pump, and 90 degree extension brought back to beamlab (Sadiq)
21/10/2011 [Beam line design for 90 extension was done. Purchase list created. Asked Kevin for double check. (Sadiq) ]
21/10/2011 [3rd Jlab flag tested. No, electronic switch. It works. Need to buy a 10-hole-flange. (Sadiq)]
24/10/2011 HRRL experimental and accelerator areas were cleaned. (Sadiq and Sam) ]]
24/10/2011 [Kevin verified 90 degree extension beamline design. Flange for Jlab flag quoted. Now all 90 degree extension beamline parts ready to be ordered. (Sadiq) ]
25/10/2011 [Received Energy Slit control circuit parts from Digikey]
11/01/2011 2 Flanges for quad 7 received (Dumiway). Ion pump Received (Duniway).
11/03/2011 2 Flanges and 2.5" pipe for quad 7 were given to engineer (Myles Whiting) in Engineering department to make beam pipe.
1/25/2012 Target Motor from Empire Magnetics
1/25/2012 1 week ($5k) Target Chamber design (IAC engineer)
1/25/2012 Target Tungsten disks
2009-2012 $30 k 3 weeks of beam time

IAC investment: $67.5k

Indirects from DOE : $90k

IAC personnel salary paid : $80k

Although not requested, magnet power supplies and a LabView control interface were installed by Chad. We were planning on using the old blue power supplies from the airport.