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Electron Accelerator Specifications:

[math]I_{Max peak}[/math] [math]I_{Min peak}[/math] Min Pulse Width Max Rep Rate Min Energy Max Energy Max Power [E(MeV) * I_peak(\mu A) *Pulse Width * Rep rate]
80 mA 8 mA 25 ns 1 kHz 3 MeV 16 MeV 16 MeV * 80,000 [math]\mu[/math] A*(.1 [math]\mu[/math] s)(1 kHz)= 128 W

HRRL is limited to 100 ns pulse width due to limited shielding.

HRRL room dimensions


PhotoFission with Polarized Photons from HRRL

Radiators Temperature

Multiple scattering Angle [[1]]

Detector Tests Using HRRL


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