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[[HRRL room dimensions]]
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[[Multiple scattering Angle]]
[[Multiple scattering Angle]]
[[HRRL room dimensions]]
[[Radiator Foil]]
[[Using Carbon or Aluminum to block photons]]
[[Eγ vs probability with 5 cm of D20 ]]
[[Eγ vs probability with 8 cm of D20 ]]
[[Thickness of Lead to block photons]]
[[Where does the radiator need to be?]]
[[Determining the uncertainty of Eγ]]
[[Things That Still Need to Get Done]]
[[Notes from July 2nd, 2008 Meeting]]
[[Brems Intensity Spectrum (with Collimation Factors) Plots]]
[[Brems Intensity Spectrum (without Collimation Factors) Plots]]
[[Notes for the July 11th, 2008 Meeting]]
[[Column of Water Length]]
[[Finding the Space Between Lead Shots]]
[[Electronics We Need to Collect]]
[[Compton Scattering]]
[[Constant Fraction Discriminator Details]]
[[Magnet Calculations]]
[[Notes from July 22nd, 2008 Meeting]]
[[Current Conceptual Design of Beamline]]
[[ Matching Detectors]]
[[ Cosmic Ray Shielding Test ]]
[[Neutron Time of Flight Test]]
[[October Fission HRRL Measurements 2008]]

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Electron Accelerator Specifications:

[math]I_{Max peak}[/math] [math]I_{Min peak}[/math] Min Pulse Width Max Rep Rate Min Energy Max Energy
80 mA 8 mA 25 ns 1 kHz 3 MeV 16 MeV

HRRL room dimensions



PhotoFission with Polarized Photons from HRRL

Radiators Temperature

Multiple scattering Angle [[1]]