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Friday April 18th 2008

  • Well's computers are up and running. Problems with USB and Vista or motherboard.
  • Shad will get new backup server working with Windows machines.
  • Airconditioning fixed in cluster room.

Friday March 7th 2008

  • We have had meetings since October 2007 (just not recorded on Wiki)
  • Items discussed
    • Broken backup server drives
    • Broken air conditioning
    • E-mail server
    • Shad's power outage
    • Origin license
    • Do a beter job updating the Wiki
    • Ignacio's programming

Friday October 5th 2007

  • Items to be discussed:
    • E-Mail Server Options
      • Contract Out $50/yr/user
      • Set up server equipment in physics
      • Live with G-Mail
      • IAC Only Mail Server
    • Licenses

Friday August 10th 2007

  • Items to discuss:
    • New network ports
    • Origin licensing
    • Replacing MPA machines (Currently 1.3GHz Celerons with 384MB RAM)

Friday July 27th 2007

  • Nitrogen Filling Issue Discussed. Alan and Brian will keep an eye on it.
  • Password change has started
  • Optical link to control rack will occur during september upgrades

Friday July 13th 2007

  • First meeting.
  • Made a list of current issues that can be found here List of Current Issue.
  • Decided to meet every other week after the IAC staff meeting.