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We will adhere to the contents of the Student handbook and the Student Code of Conduct and additional policies found at

Academic integrity is expected of all students. Academic dishonesty, including cheating or plagiarism, is unacceptable. The Idaho State University academic dishonesty policy allows an instructor to impose one of several penalties for cheating that range from a warning up to assigning a failing grade for the course or dismissal from the University. ANY use of an electronic device or other form of unauthorized materials during an exam or other assessment will be considered cheating. For more information, see the ISU Policies and Procedures Policy 4000 (Academic Integrity and Dishonesty) located at:

The following represents the student conduct that I would like to emphasize

  1. Talking: If you want to talk about issues unrelated to the class discussion, please leave and come back when you are ready to learn. It is wrong to assume your neighbor wants to talk to you instead of trying to learn.
  2. Tardy: It is unfair to interrupt the class by entering the classroom late. Do not enter the classroom late.
  3. Plagiarism: To check for plagiarism, click the word Plagiarism for a definition, I will randomly choose five words from several sentences and search the internet for sentences which contain those same five words. Plagiarism falls under the "Academic Dishonesty" section of the student handbook. Discipline for students who plagiarize can range from a failing grade to dismissal from class.
  4. Electronic communication devices are not permitted during exams. You will be asked to leave and you will be investigated for violating the student conduct code if found using such a device during an exam.

Disability accommodation statement

Idaho State University is committed to providing equal opportunity in education for all students. If you have a diagnosed disability or if you believe you have a disability physical, learning, hearing, vision, psychiatric) that might require reasonable accommodation in this course, please contact the Disability Services Center, Rendezvous Building, Room 125 (282-3599) or on the web at It is the responsibility of students to contact instructors during the first week of each semester to discuss appropriate accommodations.

CoSE X grade policy

In the College of Science & Engineering, a student who earns a failing grade via course work (exams, homework, etc.) and has unexcused absences that total more than 30% of class meetings will receive a grade of “X".

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