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A 6" x 6" copper flashing was baked in a 500 degree celsius oven for 20 Minutes.

Copper cuprousocideRed cupricoxideBlack 3-1-08.jpg

Copper cuprousocideRed 3-1-08.jpg

The picture below shows the difference between the two burnt copper sheets. The sheet on the left was baked at 500 celsius and the one on the right was cooked on a stove top. You can see that the baked copper sheet has more of the red cuprous oxide visible while the one burnt on the stove top has the red cuprous oxide located mostly in the lower half of the sheet.

CuprousoxideRed Compare.jpg


Ammeter NoSunlight.jpg Ammeter Sunlight.jpg

RawData 2-8-08.jpg

DiffData 2-8-08.jpg

ImersedIn1cmData 2-8-08.jpg