Electron Center of Mass Frame

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[math]\vartriangleleft [/math] [math]\triangle [/math] [math]\vartriangleright [/math] Electron Center of Mass Frame

Relativistically, the x, y, and z components have the same magnitude, but opposite direction, in the conversion from the Moller electron's Center of Mass frame to the electron's Center of Mass frame.

[math]p^*_{2(x)}= -p^*_{1(x)}[/math]

[math]p^*_{2(y)}= -p^*_{1(y)}[/math]


where previously it was shown

[math]|p^*_{1}|\equiv |p^*_{2}|[/math]

[math]E^*_{1}\equiv E^*_{2}[/math]



[math]\vartriangleleft [/math] [math]\triangle [/math] [math]\vartriangleright [/math]