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*Z.K. Silagadze '''A new algorithm for automatic photopeak searches''' Nucl.Inst.Meth.Phys. A 376 (1996)
*Z.K. Silagadze '''A new algorithm for automatic photopeak searches''' Nucl.Inst.Meth.Phys. A 376 (1996)
*A. Pullia, A. Geraci, G. Ripamonti '''Quasi-optimum γ and X spectroscopy based on real-time digital techniques''' Nucl.Inst.Meth.Phys. A 439 (2000)
*A. Pullia, A. Geraci, G. Ripamonti '''Quasi-optimum γ and X spectroscopy based on real-time digital techniques''' Nucl.Inst.Meth.Phys. A 439 (2000)
*Radeka, V. '''Optimum Signal-Processing for Pulse-Amplitude Spectrometry in the Presence of High-Rate Effects and Noise'''
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*É. Barat ... '''A bimodal Kalman smoother for nuclear spectrometr''' Nucl.Instr.Meth.Phys. A (2006)
*É. Barat ... '''A bimodal Kalman smoother for nuclear spectrometr''' Nucl.Instr.Meth.Phys. A (2006)
*R. Larivee '''Near-optimal smoothing using a maximum entropy criterion''' Anal.Chem. 64 (1992)
*R. Larivee '''Near-optimal smoothing using a maximum entropy criterion''' Anal.Chem. 64 (1992)
*Radeka, V. '''Optimum Signal-Processing for Pulse-Amplitude Spectrometry in the Presence of High-Rate Effects and Noise'''

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Z-Pinch/ X-Pinch

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Pulsed Power


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US patent

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Signal processing, spectra analysis

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  • printout subroutine DCSSMO This subroutine compute the discrete Cubic Spline define on the interval ...
  • printout subroutine Argone v18 and vn' and Super-Soft potential package