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<math>m_n</math> = 939.565 ± 2.8x<math>10^(-4)</math> <math>MeV/c^2</math>
<math>m_n</math> = 939.565 ± 0.00028 <math>MeV/c^2</math>

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To determine the uncertainty in Eγ we pick an angle for the neutron within [[math]\theta_n[/math], [math]\theta_n[/math] + Δ [math]\theta_n[/math]] and a momentum of the neutron between [[math]P_n[/math], [math]P_n[/math] + Δ [math]P_n[/math]].

What are reasonable Δ[math]\theta_n[/math] and Δ [math]P_n[/math]?

[math]P_n[/math] is determined by time of flight.


[math]m_n[/math] = 939.565 ± 0.00028 [math]MeV/c^2[/math]