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[math]\frac{\Delta d}{d}[/math] from SIDIS
  1. HERMES 2005 result with tables of A1 inclusive and SIDIS [math](\Delta d/d)[/math] File:PRD712005p012003.pdf
[math]\frac{\Delta d}{d}[/math] using Inclusive
  1. Hall A 2004 results for A1n and [math](\Delta d/d)[/math] usinb Inclusive Scattering File:PRLett92 2004 pg012004.pdf
  2. Hall B 2007 results using Inclusive scattering Phys. Lett. B 641 (2006) 11 File:PLB vol641 2006 pg11.pdf [math]\left (\frac{\Delta d}{d} \approx \frac{8g_1^d/(1-1.5 \omega_D) - 5g_1^p}{8F_1^d-5F_1^p}\right )[/math]
SIDIS Cross-sections

File:Asauryan nucle-ex1103.1649.pdf

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