Cross Sections of C,N,O,Si,Pb

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Here is the updated data for the C,N,O,Si,Pb([math]\gamma[/math],n), cross sections. All the data here was taken from "Hand book on photonuclear data for applications Cross-sections and spectra" October 2000 Edition.

For the Energy and cross-section if the threshold is above 15 MeV then N/A will be placed due to maximum incident energy = 15 MeV

The cross-sections will be listed at each integer value of incident energy after the threshold up to 15 MeV under the columns IE#. Cross-sections are listed under the CS colums.

Isotope Threshold Energy (MeV) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb) IE (MeV) CS (mb)
[math]{12 \atop 6 }C_{6}[/math] 18.72 N/A N/A
[math]{14 \atop 7 }N_{7}[/math] 10.55 11 ~0.5 12 ~0.6 13 1.3 14 1.4 15 1.3
[math]{16 \atop 8 }O_{8}[/math] 15.66 N/A N/A
[math]{28 \atop 14 }Si_{14}[/math] 17.18 N/A N/A
[math]{208 \atop 82 }Pb_{126}[/math] 7.37 8 ~30 9 ~50 10 80 11

Below is the previous data acquired for the cross sections.

Here is the literature for the C,N,O,Si,Pb([math]\gamma[/math],n), cross sections. The table with all the data is on page 9 of the linked pdf file below.

File:Photoneutron Cross Sections.pdf

[math](\gamma,n)[/math] thresholds

Isotope Threshold Energy (MeV) Reference
[math]{208 \atop 82 }Pb_{126}[/math] 6.9 R. Montalbetti, Phys. Rev. 91, 659, (1953).

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