Cross Sections of C,N,O,Si,Pb

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Here is the updated data for the C,N,O,Si,Pb([math]\gamma[/math],n), cross sections. All the data here was taken from "Hand book on photonuclear data for applications Cross-sections and spectra" October 2000 Edition.

For the Energy and cross-section if the threshold is above 15 MeV then N/A will be placed due to maximum incident energy = 15 MeV

The cross-sections will be listed at each integer value of incident energy after the threshold up to 15 MeV under the columns IE#.

Isotope Threshold Energy (MeV) Incident Energy (MeV) Cross-section (mb)
[math]{12 \atop 6 }C_{6}[/math] 18.72 N/A N/A
[math]{14 \atop 7 }N_{7}[/math] 10.55 11 ~0.5
[math]{16 \atop 8 }O_{8}[/math]
[math]{28 \atop 14 }Si_{14}[/math]
[math]{208 \atop 82 }Pb_{126}[/math]

Below is the previous data acquired for the cross sections.

Here is the literature for the C,N,O,Si,Pb([math]\gamma[/math],n), cross sections. The table with all the data is on page 9 of the linked pdf file below.

File:Photoneutron Cross Sections.pdf

[math](\gamma,n)[/math] thresholds

Isotope Threshold Energy (MeV) Reference
[math]{208 \atop 82 }Pb_{126}[/math] 6.9 R. Montalbetti, Phys. Rev. 91, 659, (1953).

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