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Notes from biweekly meetings


To Do List

  • Add dual timer configuration to plateau page (X)
  • Continue to fine tune operating point of NaI detector and upload plateaus/signal:noise plots (X)
    • Overhauled analysis code throughout the week of 6/1/21 to calculate all rates, uncertainties, background subtractions, and signal to noise ratios. Code now generates 3 plots with all errors included -> I need to create a code repository (could use github)
  • NaI attenuation measurements (with BorAl and try different types of poly (unborated, purple, green)) -> working with He3 instead
  • Begin experimental setup in clean room (X)
  • Test HPGe detector -> Work has begun on this by a colleague
  • Complete latest assigned training module (X)
  • Speak to Roy Dunker who has agreed to let us use a second HPGe detector for back-to-back measurements in later phase of feasibility studies at ISU (X)
  • Move painted lead bricks to clean room (X)
  • Linked manual for HPGe detector to wiki pages (X)
    • Add files sent by collaborator on HPGe detector page
  • Rerun 1000V source in plateau data, looks like a discontinuity in the data set starting at the 150mV threshold. Could be my mistake, need to verify. (X)
    • Verified that there is a 3x drop in Hz between 135mV-155mV threshold level at 1000V. Unsure what could cause this (X)
  • Finish 1100V source out data collection (X)
  • Rebuild computer with updated operating system and rebuilt with newest version of root -> moved to next list
  • Run 950V plateau data due to discontinuity in data sets 1000V & 1050V (X)
  • Create wiki page for DD generator page
    • Include shielding papers and manuals -> will talk to Joe about this
  • Paul got his tape measure unstuck from the clean room (X)
    • We're all very proud of him


To Do List

  • Finish attenuation measurements (X) and data analysis for He3 detector (X)
    • Virgin poly (X)
  • Continue experimental set up (X)
  • Model cradle for NaI detector for lead tube (X)
  • Talk to Roy Dunker about HPGe software (X)
    • Have CDs for the software, colleague will attempt to get it working


To Do List

  • Start mcnp simulations
    • Find level of boron doping in poly through simulations
  • Print NaI cradle (X)
    • Cradle is printed, need to pick up
  • Photon attenuation measurements for lead with NaI
    • Start with sheets, then go to one or two bricks
      • boral around all sides and make exit with lead bricks
  • BorAl attenuation measurements for neutrons with He3
    • Thermalizing box, with and without an extra sheet of poly between source and detector
      • Green borated poly and regular poly
  • Rebuild computer with updated operating system and rebuilt with newest version of root (X)
  • Arrange meeting with Jeff Burggraf regarding usage of HPGe detector as he has previously used this exact detector
  • (if time) Measure background with He3 and NaI in shielded tunnel for experimental setup

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